fredag 18 januari 2008

Viktigt primärval i South Carolina

I morgon håller repulikanerna i South Carolina sitt primärval. Utgången kan komma att få en mycket stor betydelse. För min kandidat John McCain blir det en avgörande dag. Om han vinner South Carolina är chanserna goda att ta hem nomineringen. Om han förlorar kommer John McCains begränsade ekonomiska kampanjresurser att göra läget utsatt. Jag har för egen del deklarerat mitt stöd för John McCains kandidatur. Min gode vän Paul Sommerville kommer att överlämna texten direkt till John McCain när de två kampanjar tillsammans senare idag.

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On January 19 you have a very important decision. Your vote can decide who will be the holder of the most important position in the free world. As a warm friend of the United States I would like to share with you my views about the best candidate. John McCain is my man for the job. He has shown in his career as a naval officer that he has the courage and leadership to be fit to be the President of the United States. He also has a good understanding of the important role the United States plays in international politics. I believe he will be able to build a strong coalition with your allies in Europe to fight the enemies of the free world. As a senator John McCain has also shown great courage and leadership. He has stood firm against pork barrel politics and shown that he is a fiscal conservative. All this makes John McCain the superior candidate for the position of President of the United States.

The reason I decided to take active part in this election campaign is that I see America as my second home. As a career Swedish Army officer I had the privilege to live for two years in the US and graduate from your Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. Today I am a member of the Swedish parliament and serve on the standing committee for finance.

Göran Pettersson
Member of parliament

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